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Explore Our Resources for People with Aphasia and Their Families

In addition to several programs designed to improve quality of life for people with aphasia and their care partners, Aphasia Recovery Connection offers numerous resources to further support people on their road to recovery. Many of the following are available for free, so click around to explore what we have to offer.

Aphasia Books

Aphasia is a complex condition that is often misunderstood, even within the aphasia community. We recommend a couple of books, written or co-authored by our founding members, that provide a first-hand perspective on coping with aphasia and recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury, or a brain tumor. These books offer a detailed look at how the brain works to recover after injury.

Guide To Living With Aphasia

Author: Carol Dow-Richards and Amanda Anderson


Brain Attack

Author: David Dow with Carol Dow-Richards.  Foreword by Dr Mike Dow


Healing The Broken Brain

Author: Dr Mike Dow, David Dow and Megan Sutton



Looking for videos about aphasia? Our large collection of aphasia-friendly videos on Youtube provides information about aphasia, interviews with aphasia experts, motivational tips, and more! Videos offer visual and audio support, which are important to many people with aphasia who struggle to read. Check it out!

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Aphasia Posters

Let’s raise awareness about aphasia! Download and share our posters on social media or print and hang them at home or in public spaces. These posters are also great to share with family and friends who may not know of or understand aphasia. Our posters are designed to share a message of inclusion and hope for people with aphasia.

Helpful Links

There are many websites that provide valuable information to better understand your loved ones’ communication needs. We have compiled a list of links that many in the ARC community have found helpful. Aphasia Access, the National Aphasia Association, and Faces of Aphasia are all great places to check out. You can also join our Facebook Group to post questions and share experiences with others on the aphasia journey.

American Stroke Association

Aphasia Access
Stroke Association (UK)
National Aphasia Association

Faces of Aphasia

American Speech Language Hearing Association

Stroke – Link no longer working…


National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

Aphasia Software Finder

Mayo Clinic

Personalised Wallet Cards

Daily interactions in the community can be a challenge for people with aphasia. Personalized aphasia cards are a quick and easy way to communicate your needs to others. Aphasia cards provide a brief explanation of what aphasia is and how others can communicate more effectively with you. These cards also include space for your name, address, and emergency contact information.

Customize and print yours today.

Card Example

ARC Aphasia Store

Help raise awareness! Shop our ARC store to find shirts, hats, mugs, and other accessories with aphasia awareness messaging. Shipped worldwide right to your door.

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