Meet the ARC Team!

Officers and Board Members


Carol Dow-Richards

Executive Director

Carol Dow-Richards serves as ARC’s Executive Director. She brings her experience as a caregiver as David’s mom, setting ARC in a unique position as a nonprofit for families – by families – leading with commitment, passion, and empathy to families dealing with aphasia. Carol lives in North Carolina.


David Dow

Founder, Survivor, Vice President of Aphasia Outreach

David Dow, our Founder, is an award-winning aphasia advocate. David knows first-hand the isolation of aphasia and brings the voice of those with aphasia to the board, giving them a voice at the table. He has appeared on Good Morning America, The Doctors, and in People Magazine. David lives in North Carolina.


Brandon M. Rehkoph

Chairman of the Board

Brandon M. Rehkopf is an attorney and helps ARC achieve its goals with communication, focus, and diligence. He serves as Chairman of the Board, offering strong leadership skills, integrity, and commitment to the population we serve. Brandon lives in Toledo, Ohio.


John Schultz, MD

Vice President of Medical Outreach

John Schultz, M.D. is an anesthesiologist with a career at Duke University and now working at a smaller regional NC hospital. Dr. Schultz has been featured on an ASHA webinar on communication breakdowns due to aphasia in hospital settings. He brings the medical and safety components before the ARC Board. Dr. Schultz lives in North Carolina.


Sandy Lutrario, MBA


Sandra Lutrario, MBA, brings financial expertise to the board as a past VP of Xerox Corporation. She provides accounting skills and serves as ARC’s Treasurer, ensuring our commitment to fiscal responsibility while managing ARC’s budget demands. Sandy lives in Henderson, NV.