by Christine Huggins, Esq., Feb. 5, 2014
President and Co-Founder, Aphasia Recovery Connection

Ohio Governor's Council Member on People with Disabilities

David and I attended an event in Evanston, Illinois last July. We met

Dr. Cynthia Thompson, an aphasia researcher. Northwestern University has received a $12 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to research aphasia, a devastating language disorder. Read about "New Therapies to Help Stroke Survivors Recover Language Years After Injury" (The Wall Street Journal).

You are welcome to watch a free PBS program. Watch it: "What Makes Us Human?", it aired Oct. 10, 2012. Dr. Thompson said: "The focus of my research is to look at what parts of our brain are actually activated when we compute very difficult sentences." Northwestern University offers some general guidelines for communicating with people with aphasia.

I watched "What Makes Us Human?" in Oct. 2012 after Dr. Thompson's talk. I learned more about forming a sentence using the Broca's area in the left hemisphere of the brain.

I watched "Optimizing Brain Fitness" with Professor Richard Restak (Feb. 2013). Three lectures are key for understand my brain and recovery: How Your Brain Changes (Neuroplasticity), Focusing Your Attention, and Exercising Your Working Memory. I learned more about forming a sequences,  like actions sets (e-mails, texts, new information for directions, cooking, a driving test,  etc).

My recovery is faster by using technology to refresh my skills.  I have learned many thingsas I created this website. I bought the domain and the website builder. I worked 500 hours + for learning 1) the layout, 2) the hyperlinks, 3) to communicate with professionals, Go Daddy technicians, photographers, designers, and the ARC Leadership team thru calls, Skype, ooVoo and emails and 4) Update the website. And the typing was a form of occupational therapy for my recovery from the stroke.

2014 is a big year. We are happy to announce that Aphasia Recovery Connection, Inc. has applied for its nonprofit 501(c)(3) status and is awaiting approval. We will continue our work on online, on ooVoo, on Facebook, on YouTube,
on Pinterest,  and on Twitter.

ARC won a RAISE AWARD for the Most Impactful Award by the National Stroke Association.  And we don't plan to stop.  In fact, we will continue to do more to better serve people with aphasia and their families.  

Aphasia Recovery Connection quickly became the largest, fastest growing online support group for people with aphasia, their family, friends, and professionals.

Since starting ARC’s Facebook Group on July 4, 2012. There are still many more to reach.  There are more than one million people with aphasia living in the U.S. alone. 

Christine Huggins, President &
David Dow, Vice President
  • David Dow is speaking on the Voices of Hope for Aphasia cruise. The cruise is Feb. 1-8 departing from Miami.  He will share his story of his stroke and the story of The how Aphasia Recovery Connection got started and what we do.

  • We have two educational and fun cruises  - one in April from LA and one in October from the east coast.

Please join our community!

David Dow, Dr. Thompson, and Christine Huggins in July 2013